12 inch Purdy White Dove Paint Roller Sleeve Short pile 3/8in

12 inch Purdy White Dove Double-arm Paint Roller Sleeve is a short pile (3/8 inch / 9.5mm) woven Dralon fabric paint roller refill sleeve which leaves a smooth finish, with low linting and reduced spatter. Fitted with end caps. Bevelled ends reduce tram lines.

Standard UK 1.5 dia. core. Fits all the double-arm paint roller frames shown (see links on right hand side of page). Suitable for use on smooth surfaces, with all standard water-borne and solvent-borne paints.

12inch Purdy Short Pile White Dove Paint Roller Sleeve is supplied individually wrapped, and is sold in singles, or packs of 3 sleeves to save you even more.

Don't forget your 9-12" Wet Bag for cheap and convenient storage of your Purdy White Dove Sleeve.

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