17 inch Black Plastic Paint Tray

17 inch Black Plastic Paint Tray is a large, deep well black Polypropylene paint roller tray, with high sides on each side of the roll off area. It's internal width is 17.25 inches, which easily copes with all roller sleeves up to 15 inches wide. The textured roll off area slopes directly to the bottom of the tray - this design is preferred by some decorators for more precise control when loading the paint roller, as it avoids using a dipping action when loading from a separate paint well. Approx 2.5 - 3 litre maximum working capacity. Extra wide rim allows really easy lifting and grip. It's as easy to grip and move around as a plastic washing up bowl, and the high sides reduce the risk of spillage. Internal dimensions 17.5 inches wide x 14 inches long x 4.5 inches deep.

17 inch Black Plastic Polypropylene Paint Tray is available to purchase in singles or packs of 3 paint trays at an even better discount.

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17 inch Black Plastic Paint Tray