Bonda Decor Fill Light and White 2 Part Filler

Bonda Decor Fill Light & White is a NEW lighter weight, and easier to sand, 2 part multi-purpose polyester filler with rapid hardening properties for filling and repairing. Light & White is 40% lighter than original Decor Fill, it's now in white (rather than grey), and this new formulation sands much easier, but still bonds just as strongly to wood, metal, concrete and GRP, and still produces a fine dense surface when sanded.

Bonda Decor Fill Light & White hardens with a non tack surface that is very easy to sand and has minimal paper clogging. Takes all types of paints. Decor fill does not slump on application and is ideal for:

  • Wood - Filling holes, splits, shakes and damaged edges on joinery as a woodfiller. Repairing window and door frames.
  • Metal - Filling dents and holes in cars and vehicle bodies. Smoothes out weld joints and rough metal surfaces. Fills sanding marks. Mending metal pipes/gutters. Securing bolts and screws.
  • Concrete - Fills cracks and holes. Can be used to bond and build up damaged areas.
  • GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) - Repairs cracks, fractures and holes in GRP. Use for skim coating GRP to obtain a smooth surface. Patterns - For the construction of models and prototypes where a rigid, easily sandable, material is required.

Consider buying a U-POL Onion Mixing Board too, this contains 100 disposable sheets of special chemically resistant, non-absorbing paper. It's great for mixing 2-part filler, epoxies, and putty. When you are finished, just tear it off and the next sheet is clean and ready for use.

Bonda DecorFill Light & White is available in White, in 300g (No.1), 900g (No.2) tins.

300 gram£11.20
900 gram£22.82

*all prices include VAT