Mini Paint Rollers Refill Short Pile Lacquer Stripe

Very hard wearing short pile (6mm long) NYLON fabric mini paint rollers refill / sleeve. For bubble-free and fluff-free varnishing and sealants. No splashing, no matting. Solvent resistant. Manufactured using the latest thermo-fusion machinery which bonds the fabric to the inner plastic core using an innovative heating process. Suitable for applying all varnishes, rust protection, liquid plastics, synthetic resin varnishes, oil paints, epoxy and 2-pack coatings. Suitable for the smallest most difficult to reach areas with full corner coverage.

Push on/Pull off design for use with standard 6mm diameter Mini Paint Roller frames (see links below photo). 17mm inner core diameter. Available in 10cm (4 inch) size.


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Paint rollers are packed in 10's, although you can purchase in any quantity required.

box of 10£9.59

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