Kip Duoband double sided masking tape

Kip Duoband is a unique top-quality low-tack double sided masking tape for the fast attachment and easy long-term removal of masking paper or film when masking off both interior and exterior surfaces such as windows, doors, window cills, floors or walls during painting projects. Adhesive Strength to Steel: 24 .

Developed specifically for the painting and decorating industry, Duoband is manufactured using a soft thin PVC film for optimal sharp straight lines. Duoband is applied directly from the roll to the surfaces to be masked. The surface side of the roll is fully coated with a lower-tack adhesive, it removes cleanly from surfaces and won't damage painted drywall or paint effect finishes.

Once the tape has been pressed down into position, the non-stick backing can be removed, revealing a green high-tack adhesive which partially coats approximately 80% of the PVC backing. Masking paper or film is then applied directly onto the green high-tack adhesive for a strong bond. Excellent time saving system when combined with pre-taped Kip Masker films.

The partial 80% coating of green high-tack adhesive is designed to allow easy removal of the Duoband at the end of your project.

  • 40-day release
  • Clean removal
  • Delicate Surface
  • Acrylic-based adhesive
  • Faster more accurate application of masking paper/film
  • Reliable and easy long-term removal inside and outside up to 40°C;

We've been disappointed with the quality and consistency of masking tapes generally available to professional painters and decorators within the UK. Consequently we've sourced a new range of extremely high quality masking tapes from KIP which are developed and manufactured in the USA by Shurtape.

Substrate: Soft PVC
Thickness: 0.09 mm
Tensile Strength: 30.0 N/10mm
Adhesive Strength to Steel: 2.4 N/10mm
Elongation: 2%

Kip Duoband Green/White double sided masking tape is available in 25mm & 35mm widths, each roll is 25 meters long. It's also available in carton quantities at a fantastic bulk price.

single25mm x 25m£5.39
box of 4825mm x 25m£235.67
single35mm x 25m£7.23
box of 4835mm x 25m£315.71

*all prices include VAT