Bulk Steel Wool

High quality british made steel wool (wire wool) supplied in individually wrapped bulk 450g (1 lb) rolls. (If you need a higher specification, quality graded product, then consider our Graded Steel Wool). Our bulk steel wool is only available in our most popular grades:

No. 000 (extra fine) - For fine finishing, dulling gloss finishes, varnish abrasion between coats, cabinet work etc.

No. 00 (fine) - For use instead of fine sandpaper, preparation work prior to varnishing and general cleaning.

No. 1 (medium) - For general purpose work, cleaning of copper pipe and fittings, paint removal and preparation.

No. 3 (coarse) - For removing rust, paint, varnish etc.

On wood work and other industrial uses use the wool dry. For removing paint of varnish use with a paint remover. For general household work use the wool with soap and water as required.

Supplied at extremely competitive prices with even with fantastic discounts available if you purchase in full cartons of 25 rolls. You can find similar products like this in these categories Wire Wool & Steel Wool.

single roll£3.60
carton of 25£81.87

*all prices include VAT

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Bulk Steel Wool