Fossa Stainless Steel Wool

Fossa Stainless Steel Wool is an alternative to standard steel wool. Fossa Stainless Steel Wool reduces the risk of rust staining on timber etc. particularly when paint stripping with the modern solvent-free (water-borne) paint strippers. Fossa Stainless steel wool is very sharp, and it is recommended that you wear thick protective gloves when using it to prevent fine cuts to your hands and fingers.

This particular grade, of Stainless steel wool is also commonly used in exhaust packing, it's specification is type 434 medium grade, ribbon width 10 cm, weight per meter is approx 40g therefore a 100g pack is around 2 - 2.5 meters long.

Available in Medium grade only (approx equivalent to grade 2), in 100 g flow wrapped packs, and bulk cartons containing 10 flow-wrapped packs. You can find similar products like this in these categories Wire Wool & Steel Wool.

carton of 10£63.95

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