Fossa Silver-Steel Flocked Foam Mini Rollers

Silver-Steel Flocked Foam Mini Rollers are a 4 inch (105mm) light grey flocked foam mini paint roller for varnishes, woodstains, and all paints, they fit all our standard stick mini roller frames (see links on right hand side of page).

Silver-Steel mini rollers are ideal for use with faster drying, modern water-based finishes, allowing speedy application whilst keeping the wet-edge going. Manufactured by a modern European supplier, they use an unusual 3mm long flock, which offers a noticable improvment in coating application. These min rollers also shed far less than far eastern imports. Produce an excellent even, and smooth finish. Closed end is rounded and partially flocked. Inner spindle runs the full length of the roller for proper support.


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Silver-Steel Flocked Foam Mini Rollers are sold loose in singles, and plastic clam packs of 10 rollers.

pack of 10£11.53

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