Toupret TX110 - Rapid Drying Filler

Toupret TX110 rapid drying filler is a high quality specialist resin powder filler for the professional decorator and specifier. Once mixed with water, the obtained paste is extra white and extremely fine. Suitable for filling cracks and gaps on most interior substrates including old painted surfaces, plaster, plasterboards, primed wood, cement, brick, masonry, stone and cellular concrete. Toupret TX110 rapid drying filler can be over painted with any standard decorative coating.

  • Can be painted in 3 hours.
  • Excellent adhesion on all surfaces.
  • Can be screwed or nailed.
  • No thickness limitation.
  • Extra white.
  • Will not shrink or crack.
  • Easy to rub down.

Toupret are a french filler company who have invested heavily in research and development. They are certainly not the cheapest manufacturer, but they do provide the professional with a reliable range of extremely high quality fillers and filling systems to meet the most demanding applications.

Note: For the best mix, always pour the powder into the water until the correct consistency is achieved. Thick consistency: 45% of water (0.45 litre of water per kilo of powder).

Toupret TX110 rapid drying filler is available in a plain 1kg bag (split sack - with no instructions), 2kg (2 x 1kg bags makes 2 litre's of filler), 5kg (5 x 1kg bags makes 5 litre's of filler), and 10kg sacks containing 10 x 1kg sealed bags at an excellent discount.

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