Trimaco Cling Cover Dust Sheet Roll 2.47m x 121m

Trimaco ClingCover Plastic Dust Sheet Roll. Bulk 121 meter / 400ft long rolls of professional high density polythene dust sheeting for protecting surfaces, fittings, fixtures and furniture when sanding, decorating and spray painting etc. Wider 9ft width covers most modern walls in a single drop. Impermeable to paint and dust. Static cling properties for greater control. Surface of plastic sheeting is corona treated - so that dried paint adheres to the sheeting and doesn't flake off easily when sheeting is removed.

Trimaco Cling Cover is supplied in a handy dispenser box to protect remaining dust sheeting from damage during storage and transport. Simply pull out the required length from the dispenser box, then cut, and unfold the sheet. Size: 9 ft (2.47m) wide x 400 ft (121m) long rolls. Covers: 3600 sq ft / 334 sq meters. HDPE thickness: 0.3256 mil / 8.27 micrometers. Weight: 5.82 lb / 2.639 kg

Trimaco Cling Cover Dust Sheet is supplied in single boxed rolls, or bulk packs containing 3 boxed rolls.

pack of 3£117.18

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