9 inch Purdy Revolution 7pc Micropol Paint Roller Set (6 x CDDTT910, 1 x 14A751349)

7 Piece Purdy Revolution Paint Roller Set. Consisting of 6 x high quality Fossa Micropol 9 inch / 1.75 inch short pile cage paint roller refill / sleeves (10mm pile height), and 1 x 9 inch Purdy Revolution cage paint roller frame 1.75 in dia screw fit.

This 7 Piece 9in paint roller kit is ideal for all your painting projects on walls and ceilings.

Purdy 9 inch Revolution Paint Roller Frame is a 9 inch / 1.75 inch dia. cage paint roller frame with Screw-fit soft touch handle, that is also compatible with Purdy's quick-release Power lock Extension poles. 2nd Generation locking system for 2017. Fits all standard 9 x 1.75in dia European sleeves.

Fossa Micropol Short Pile paint roller sleeves are premium blended microfibre and polyester fabric short pile cage paint roller refill / sleeve (10mm pile height). It's special mix of fibres results in high paint loading, with very smooth, even paint transfer. When used with emulsions and acrylics on smooth to medium surfaces, the resulting dry film finish is probably the smoothest we have seen from any paint roller sleeve on the market today. Blended fibre fabrics are a pretty new innovation, you can't really compare them to anything else, this one even feels odd to the touch. High paint absortion and release after working in. No matting. Solvent resistant. 1.75 inch dia. core for use with standard 1.75 diameter Cage Paint Roller frames.


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